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Dr Stephen Bemrose is back......

presenting two 6 weekly classes on:


Rubens, Giant of the Baroque


Looking at Leonardo 


Rubens, Giant of the Baroque

starting on TUESDAY 26th September

from 2:15 until 4:15pm

for six weeks finishing on 31st October


This course explores highlights from Rubens's vast and varied output:

his powerful Biblical and other religious paintings;

his dramatic interpretations of the ancient world;

his portraits - not least those of his friends, his family and himself. 

Fee: £70.00


Looking at Leonardo


starting on THURSDAY 28th September

from 2:30 until 4:30pm

for six weeks finishing on 2nd November


This course focuses on Leonardo da Vinci's paintings,

in all their mysterious fascination,

not just his astounding religious works,

but also the great solo portraits.

We also explore Leonardo's remarkable drawings.

Fee: £70.00

Email: or phone 01395 515551 for further details.